What Is A Fleshgait?

By now, everyone has heard of a skinwalker. Skinwalkers are evil Native American witches that are capable of shapeshifting and enjoy wreaking havoc on onlookers. But lately, people have started to notice a different creature lurking in the woods.

Tales of these strange beings have started to surface through all parts of the world, but they’re especially common among areas near national parks in the United States. Without any other way to describe them, people started to call them fleshgaits. Here’s what paranormal fans need to know about these bizarre creatures.

No, Really, What Is A Fleshgait?

A fleshgait is a creature that mimics the voices and appearances of people in the woods, often with the intent of luring them away. Those who have seen fleshgaits in their “natural” appearance claim that they are extremely tall, thin, grey beings with long claws and no hair.

It’s generally agreed that fleshgaits are predatory towards humans, with many people believing that they lure people deeper into the woods in order to eat them. Some also believe that fleshgaits are partly responsible for the Missing 411 disappearances, though no proof has been given to that claim.

What Powers Do Fleshgaits Have?

This is up for debate, simply because no one has seen the full extent of their powers. Here’s what most people would agree on, based on reports:

  • Voice Mimicking. Most fleshgaits can only mimic voices they’ve heard, and can only say phrases they’ve already heard. They can mimic both humans and animals.
  • Many people claim that hearing a fleshgait’s call can be mesmerizing and difficult to resist, even when they know that the voice they’re hearing isn’t the person they’re worried about.
  • Super Speed. They are known for being unnaturally fast, often able to vanish into the woods quickly.
  • Excessive Strength. This is often pointed out after animals are found ripped apart in areas where fleshgaits are reported.
  • Though a lot of fleshgait reports suggest that these creatures can shapeshift, not all reports do. Still, reports of shapeshifting fleshgaits happen frequently enough that believing in their shifting abilities is standard.

What Are Fleshgaits’ Origins?

Truth be told, no one knows. That being said, creatures that match fleshgait descriptions have been reported for millennia. Many people believe that they are one of the following:

  • Cursed Spirits. Fleshgait stories and wendigo stories are very similar. Who’s to say that these weren’t people who did an unspeakable act that caused their humanity to be taken away?
  • Evil Spirits. Unlike with the “cursed being” belief, this suggests that fleshgaits are predatory forest spirits that always harbored a hatred for humanity.
  • Unknown Cryptids. Though there’s definitely an ethereal vibe to fleshgaits, especially when it comes to their ability to mimic people they have never seen before, there’s also a chance they could be unknown cryptids. You never know; animals often seem to have superpowers.

Are Fleshgaits Always Malicious?

Yes. Their sole intent is to mimic people, kill others, and take their place to continue hunting others. When they’re not on the hunt, they’re trying to strike fear in others.

Where Are Fleshgaits Spotted?

For the most part, reports of fleshgaits are almost exclusive to sparsely populated areas near woods and national parks. The more remote the area, the more likely it is that fleshgaits or something similar will exist there.

That being said, there have also been multiple reports of fleshgaits attacking homes and lurking just outside of a city. How active they are and how successful they are remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say it’s quite terrifying to see them so close to home.

One person on Reddit’s r/fleshgait forum explained that they knew something was wrong when they whistled outside of their home, only to hear their whistle reply back. After they started to hear themselves calling them out to the woods, they didn’t go outside for a while.

What Does A Fleshgait Look Like?

A fleshgait is a pretty terrifying disproportionate creature that tries to mimic someone or something, but does a bad job of it. They are described as being very tall thin and pale humanoids that have arms that hang down past their knees. They are typically hunched over and decrepit looking, but can move very fast.

How Do Fleshgaits Hunt People?

Fleshgaits hunt people by a wide variety of different methods, though mimicking people seems to be their favorite way to hunt people down.

Throughout history, many people have claimed to experience the phenomenon of hearing loved ones call them into the woods or even seeing companions’ figures walking away from them into the woods. Those who follow those mimics often feel a sense of panic when they notice they’re lost, and run away from the voice.

Many campers claim to notice a member of their party missing, only for them to show up. Then, they notice that the camper in question doesn’t quite seem like themselves. In most cases, they can only repeat words that have been said around them. Eventually, campers find their real missing friend–only to have the fleshgait disappear.

Sometimes, mimicking isn’t involved. Others have claimed to feel an unnatural stillness in the woods before they see the hands or figure of a fleshgait in its natural form. This suggests that fleshgaits might also stalk their prey in the most primal sense of the word.

Interactions With Fleshgaits: What To Know

While there are some paranormal creatures that you might be safe experiencing encounters with, fleshgaits aren’t one of them. They very clearly view humans as food. If you’re concerned about fleshgait activity, here’s what you need to know.

What Are Fleshgaits Weaknesses?

There are many reports of people using white ash to protect themselves. Many people believe that hanging a bag of ash over a doorway or keeping one in your car can protect you. Some people will even put some ash on their forehead as a method of protection.

What Sounds Do Fleshgaits Make?

It all depends on what they’re doing. Fleshgaits have a number of different sounds associated with them aside from the voices and noises they mimic. These include:

  • People have noted that screams, low moans, and dual-pitched shrieks are all heard prior to fleshgait sightings. It could be their way of communicating with one another.
  • Chittering Sounds. Often described like a noise from Alien, this quick teeth chattering sound tends to happen at times when a fleshgait is about to strike.
  • Fleshgaits occasionally hiss.
  • Whistling in the woods is considered to be a bad omen by many Native American tribes, as well as in certain groups in Asia. Many ascribe them to both skinwalkers and fleshgaits alike.

Fleshgaits And PANic In The Woods

PANic in the woods is a known phenomenon which occurs when the woods suddenly become deathly silent–to the point that it causes an intense fear in humans who are around. The fear often feels like a moment of impending death or of being stalked by a large animal.

The only way to make PANic in the woods subside is to run and continue to run until the forest returns to normal. Those who ignore the instinct often find themselves being attacked by predators in the forest.

That being said, there is a tie between fleshgaits and PANic. Many people who were lured out into the woods after a fleshgait mimicked a loved one claim that they knew something was wrong when the woods went totally silent. It could be that fleshgaits are the reason for PANic–or at least, be one of the reasons out there.

Signs A Fleshgait Is Nearby

So, let’s say that you’re camping with friends and something weird just happened. How can you tell if it’s really a fleshgait? Well, these signs definitely suggest it may be time to pack up and leave…

  • You hear someone who’s nearby calling out your name, even though it’s clear that the person in question isn’t calling you. One woman claimed she heard her “mother” calling for help in the woods. She knew her mother was 20 miles away, but felt a strong urge to chase after the voice anyway. Eventually, the noise gave way to a chattering noise, which sparked her to run. She barely survived.
  • The group you’re with feels larger than before. People often claim to feel an “extra person” around their group before a fleshgait attack.
  • You see claws wrap around a tree or an inhumanly slender figure nearby. Seeing a fleshgait is believing. Many people see their hands wrapped around trees, or see them standing nearby. Some even describe them as “Gollum-like” in appearance.
  • There are reports of animals being killed in strange ways or strange disappearances nearby. This is a given, considering their predatory behavior.
  • The forest suddenly grew quiet and unnaturally still. This is a common indicator that you are near a predator, not to mention an indicator of PANic in the woods.
  • Your “friend” is acting very strange and doesn’t quite sound right. This is never a good sign. It may be time to get out od the area!

Are There Any Ways To Prevent Fleshgaits From Targeting You?

There’s really no word about what causes fleshgaits to target one creature or person over another. However, there are folklore-based tips that seem to shed light on what people can do to avoid a fleshgait encounter…

  • Avoid wearing bright colors in the woods. In Southeast Asia, the Midwest, and in many parts of Africa, wearing bright colors in the woods is a major no-no. It’s known that bright colors attract animals, but it’s also believed that bright colors can also attract malevolent spirits.
  • Don’t go near the woods. It’s obvious, but it works.
  • Stay in groups. Don’t venture off alone, period. That’s how fleshgaits attack you.
  • If you start feeling fearful for any reason, it’s time to leave. That’s your instincts protecting you.

Can You Hunt Fleshgaits?

Not much is known about how fleshgaits are harmed, or if they can even be killed. If they are spirits capable of killing humans, a bullet won’t do much of anything. That being said, there has never been a case where a person successfully shot a fleshgait.

If you find yourself being hunted by one, it’s probably best not to try to shoot back. It’s best to run.

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  1. Hey. My name is David I’m from Alabama. I have a question. About 6 years ago I went to the smokey mountains in Tennessee to just get away and get some spiritual time in nature I enjoy it. I picked a isolated camp site about a mile away from some cabins my family used to go to when I was a kid. I was walking on a trail enjoying nature about half a mile from my campsite. All the sudden the woods went quiet no birds no bugs this is in midsummer. Hell even the air was silent and still. In the distance about 50 to 60 yards away I seen what looked like my uncle. He kept motioning me to come to him with one arm and his other arm was wrapped around a tree. He kept saying hey come look at this over and over and his head moved almost animalistic like a bird looking all around. Couldn’t really see his face too good because of the trees but all my hair stood up and this feeling of dread stuck in my gut. It was around sunset. Now the creepy thing is I’m 33 and my uncle has been dead for 20 years or so. That thing I saw I knew wasn’t my uncle so I followed my gut feeling and ran back to my camp packed up and left didn’t report it at the ranger station I just got the hell out of there. Haven’t even set foot that deep in the woods since the experience. Now could that thing I seen been a fleshgait or am I just a nutcase. I only told my mom about the experience. She passed away in September 2020. So I really don’t talk people about this, but I’ve always wondered if I was crazy or did I really experience something paranormal. I’m caucasian and not native American I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it but can anyone help answer this. I got into the Missing 411 books and my curiosity is peaked. Can anyone help answer this for me please?!!

    • Now I’m not a drug user and didn’t really believe in the supernatural until the experience. Never even had any experiences like this in the woods prior or since then. If I do go in the woods I’ll be sure I never go alone again. This has been in the back of my mind for 6 years.

    • You did right running off. While you did have a close call, you shouldnt worry too much with forests in AL unless you go around the foothills in the north east of the state. Walls of Jericho area is pretty risky the darker it gets.

      Reporting odities to Forest Rangers is of great help. Normally they dont have the ability to do anything about it but it lets the right people know whens and wheres.

      If you ever end up back in the smokies, bring a dog with you and keep a piece of coal in your pocket. If the dog howls suddenly or if the coal crumbles, get the hell out of dodge.

    • That definitely was one. Their not a fan of fire/extreme brightness and according to legend the only way to kill one is with your weapon covered in WHITE Ash

    • Always bring large dogs whilst in the woods.Dogs,Guns, and Bamboo bell

  2. You ever hear of Invunche? Fleshgates remind me of them in almost every way

    • Totally different. Fleshgaits often stand up on two legs. They appear with or without faces, with familiar faces, as tall thin creatures and they mimic human sounds.


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