How to Manifest Something That You Want

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

What is Manifesting?

It is becoming more common in a world of growing spiritualism to hear about manifestation, but what exactly is manifestation? While it may sound like a bunch of hoopla to some people, manifestation is a tool often utilized by those who have a desire and control over their minds.

Manifesting is a phenomenon that anyone and everyone is capable of. The only thing that may hinder someone is the amount of energy that they possess. Those suffering from mental illnesses may find the energy needed to change their thoughts and keep them at that frequency is draining. This doesn’t mean you can’t do it; it only means that it may take more time to achieve your goals.

When you align your frequencies with the right channel, the channel where all of your desires are held, you change the energies that you put out into the world to better attract those desires. Everything in the world is an energy that interacts with each other, and everything has a frequency that it operates at.

Casting out your own energies in search of the things you desire, if your frequency is the same as what you wish to achieve, you will find that the path along to your dreams may actually become smoother. When you know what you want, it is always easier to plan how to get it.

The positive passions that you possess for something will be the indicators for your direct line of action, which should help shorten your journey to achieve it even just marginally faster.  Your positive energies will also be challenged along the way, however, and you should be prepared for that.

Even the “right path” for you is going to hold some unfortunate and undesirable aspects. It is easy for people to get discouraged if they come across trouble, but you have to trust the universe to deliver back what you are giving to it.

When manifesting, you have to focus your mind on your desires and work to align yourself with the frequency of your goals. Every person is a little different and has different manifestation methods, some working better for one person over another. Don’t get discouraged before you’ve even begun. Life is all about exploring.

What Can You Manifest?

At the risk of sounding like I’m crazy, there doesn’t seem to be many limits to manifestation! In fact, from what it seems, there may be no limitations at all! From the number of success stories spread far and wide, it appears that you can manifest whatever you may desire.

At this moment, skeptics are scoffing, saying to themselves, “Alright, let me just align my frequency with a million dollars.” While wealth isn’t something that can’t be manifested, the individuals with these thoughts forget that everything in the world takes effort. Nothing happens because you ask it to; it happens because you put in the spiritual effort to make it happen.

Manifesting is about creating energy that matches the frequency of your dreams and desires, changing the way you think to closer match what you desire. The change of a person’s energy frequency will begin to attract whatever is on that particular wave. This is where your manifestation begins.

How Do I Manifest Something?

While many people will want to jump right in and start trying to manifest, they will miss the critical necessity of the manifestation phenomenon: the conscious control of your subconscious.

Those who are a novice to the skill of controlling their subconscious will say they have perfect control of their mind and can get started right away, but there is more training for your mind than you may imagine. Meditation is one example of this control of the subconscious, prolonged periods of internal focus allowing for you to heal the parts that your eyes cannot see.

When you are manifesting, you have to have full belief in what you are doing. You have to control your subconscious to cut off any negative energies before they can make their way into the universe and develop a frequency of their own.

Imagine each positive and negative energy you put out acting as a lighthouse or beacon of some sort. Those bits of energy go out into the world, and whatever may be nearby is what will come closer. Whatever may be near will see those signals and come closer, even if they are not the thing you desire. It is comforting to know, though, whatever you desire sees these signals as well, no matter how far away they may be.

The power that you have is more than you could imagine. You have control over what energies surround you, and if you do not work to surround yourself with positive energies, you may never manifest your dreams.

What Are The Different Ways to Manifest?

When you have developed the necessary control over your subconscious, you can start investigating the methods of manifestation. You can take many routes on this spiritual journey, with many examples being shared through the internet to help out anyone who is looking.

It is important to note that your energy is different than anyone else’s – it is utterly unique to you (and perhaps one other, if you are a twin flame). Thus, it can be concluded that not every method will work out for the entire population. In fact, you may even find it to be relieving to try more than one method.

There are routes of physically manifesting your dreams with crafting, reading, or writing. You can see many vision boards from those going through the manifestation journey, as well as journals that record intentions or moments of gratitude. Many books are available that speak about manifesting what you desire, such as You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero, which guides you through a self-journey of discovering how truly amazing you are.

It is common for people to use their spiritual aspects, such as their meditation abilities, to manifest. Whether the individual is taking time to connect with their higher self to ensure they are on the right path or focusing on what they truly believe, this may be easier for those who value extensive self-care.

One of the most popular forms of manifestation is affirmations. Affirmations can be used in both physical and spiritual realms. It may come as a surprise how much power you can provide yourself just using words of kindness, but there is an unlockable source of energy hidden just behind a veil of uncertainty.

How To Manifest Something On Paper

Manifesting something on paper is, at times, the easiest thing for someone to do, especially if they are used to making things with their hands usually. A method that is often used for manifesting your desires onto paper is the 369 method.

A method popularized by TikTok, the numbers theory is taken largely from Nikola Tesla, the renowned inventor and engineer. Tesla is quoted as saying that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 were “the key to the universe,” claiming these numeral digits had a magnificence to them that went past what the human eye could capture.

It is said the number 3 is associated with your connection to the universe or the greater source, the number 6 is said to signify the strengths that you have, and the number 9 helps us release self-doubt and move forward into the future, letting go of our past.

The 369 Method for manifestation is a method that utilizes writing and an affirmation at three points during your day.

Self-confidence is an issue that many people have, as can be expected in a world of social media influencers and the unnecessary judgment towards individuals who don’t fit into the demanded image. Let’s manifest self-confidence. The affirmation you could use in this manifestation method might be, “Who I am becoming is astonishing.”

This is a great one to use for those who have mental illnesses that affect their sense of self-worth. While you may be deep in the abyss of your mind, unhappy in who you are right now, you can find joy in the fact you love the person you are becoming. Who you become is based on the energy you create and put into the world, meaning the more negative energy you put out, the less confidence you will have.

In the 369 Method, you will write “Who I am becoming is astonishing” 3 times in the morning. Whatever surface and writing utensils you want to use are optional. In the afternoon, you will write “Who I am becoming is astonishing” again, but this time it will be 6 times. Once the evening has come, you will once again write “Who I am becoming is astonishing” with your choice of tools, writing this affirmation 9 times.

This is a routine that you will follow daily, continuing your process of manifestation by writing your affirmation 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times in the evening.

A coach in the law of attraction, Abraham Hicks, also says that your thoughts do not have much power until you’ve had the thought for at least 17 seconds. The energies that you put off are not strong enough until at least that 17-second mark. This means you should spend at least 17 seconds thinking and writing your affirmation.

If you stay on top of your practice and keep manifesting the energies required by thinking them and believing them, you should notice a significant difference in a month or less.

How to Manifest Love

When manifesting love, you have to be committed and willing to journey as long as you need to. This is a project that will take a lot of focus and dedication; the range varies based on what you are looking for.

The first step in manifesting love is consciously making the decision that you will be manifesting love. You have to state your intentions to yourself so you can remember them, and you have to start focusing. Allow yourself to talk to you. Sit down and meditate if you find it necessary.

You must search for what you desire in a partner. Think of how your dream partner will act, what they might look like, and the kind of love they will provide you.

When you have determined what you will be manifesting, it is time to correct your own energies. To begin attracting what you are looking for, you have to tune yourself to the frequency of what you desire.

To do so, you must change the way you think to better match your dream love and your actions and other lifestyle aspects. How can you stumble upon your dream love if you are not on the same frequency, after all?

As your frequency shifts to your dream love’s frequency, the things you attract in the universe will shift as well. You will discover new things on your journey to the correct frequency and develop a sense of what makes you happy. The process of manifesting love may be slow, but you have to press on and keep moving forward with the knowledge that one day, you will find them.

Everything Keeps Going Wrong! Manifestation Doesn’t Work!

While many may put off the explanation of “the universe works in mysterious ways” as a cliché answer, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. You can’t say this phenomenon doesn’t exist or isn’t real, however, when so many stories have proven otherwise.

If you are unfamiliar with controlling your subconscious and your spiritual energy, it may be many times of failing before you finally are able to achieve your manifestation. There are always more obstacles when you are a beginner and are not sure what to do, but do not let those thoughts of self-doubt restrain you from what you want.

Along with finding the things you love as you travel through different frequencies as I mentioned before, you may also come across a lot of things that you don’t like. You may even come across something that you can say you honestly despise.

You might find yourself in situations that drag you off your path and ruin your frequency climb entirely. It is sadly just how the universe works. It is up to you to keep yourself healthy in your focus so you don’t delay or degrade the progress of your manifestation.

The troubling situations you may encounter include problems with your transportation method, such as your “check engine” light coming on or your car starts to run rough, or maybe someone stole your bike.

You could find you are struggling to pay your bills or worried about affording your next means of food or some other financial concerns. Romantic, occupational, familial; these are all just the negative energies of the universe trying to drag you into their frequency and hold you down.

No matter what the negative energies around you are causing, you have to continue on your journey. It may hurt and take everything you have, but you must never forget your goals. You have to continue forward, even if it seems the sun will never come out again.

Conclusion to Manifestation

The process of manifestation is a beautiful ability that must be practiced and perfected slowly over time, but it is an ability accessible to anyone. From here, you will go on and start training your mind to always put out positive energies. Take the time to assess what your dreams are and what you want to manifest.

Remember that your requests cannot be vague. Nothing is merely going to fall into your lap; you have to develop a plan of action and lead yourself into the journey with the knowledge you are making the right choice.

Whether you manifest your desires visually with crafts and writing or if it is an entirely spiritual journey in which you meditate, you can achieve the things you desire. The journey may be long-winding and painfully dark, but your intuition – your true intuition, beneath your self-doubts – will take you down the right path.

You are magical. Don’t forget that.

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